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Lies Photographers tell New Photographers

July 14, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

5 Lies I was told when I started Photography. 


Okay so let me preface this by saying these are not intentional lies! What I mean is they aren't doing it to be mean its just "rules" they have heard that they are saying without thinking about your personal journey in photography. Let me get started. 

Lie number 1: Shutter Speed lies. This is gonna be a big one for some of you. I so desperately longed for those crisp tack sharp images for a long way too long y'all. Here is the "lie": If you are shooting with a 50 mm then you can shoot 2x's that, in other words 100 shutter speed and get tack sharp images. Okay so that is how I would balance my triangle of Shutter Speed, ISO, and Aperture start with a 100 shutter speed and balance from there.

Here is the thing guys, I shot kids ! Kids move faster than that and anyone who shoots kids knows that. You are constantly moving to keep up with them and to get the shot. This will create a camera shake situation no newbie can handle. My ah ha moment was when I cranked that Shutter Speed up to 1,000. YES ONE THOUSAND!!! Try it! Seriously I typically shoot that high. I try to not go under 800 SS no matter the lens or focal length and I nailed sharp images from then on.  BOOM Mic Drop.  I will say this little snippit though,  the light will dictate how high you can get your SS up so I have been forced to lower my SS but I no longer shoot young children so I haven't had an issue. I have probably learned better camera holding techniques along the way but that is another blog post entirely. 

Want a great Glitter shot? Crank that shutter speed up! BTW this is in open shade. 

Lie number 2: Shoot in open shade. okay so this isn't a lie its just a little cryptic and had to understand isn't it. As newbie I would wander into the woods looking for shade and shoot only to have the most terrible shadows and zero catch lights. Let me just explain what open shade is. Think of it as a row of trees with shade all along the trees but open sky in front of them.  It means that it is shady but nothing is in the front blocking the light from coming in. Okay so you know how when you open your garage door or back patio or side patio and its shady but there isn't anything in front of the shade line blocking light from coming in? That is open shade. 


Lie number 3: Use your garage it has great light in there. okay so this is true if your garage faces North or South. The light will pretty much stay the same all day if your garage is facing the North or the South. This is the same with any covered area that faces North and South. If your garage faces east or west you will be chasing that light/shade all day long! 

Open shade example outside on a partly cloudy day. 

Lie number 4: Get a prime lens they are so much better. This is subjective to the things you shoot. If you are a wedding photographer you will likely need a special lens like a macro for ring shots and if you are kid photographer you may wanna stick with lenses that zoom so you can change your focal length quickly. Have I mentioned how fast kids are? Prime lenses are fun and you can have great success with just one or two prime lenses. In my case I shoot Seniors, I mainly shoot with Prime lenses mostly because you can buy really great glass in a prime lens and I can walk to compose my image without them running off out of frame. I do still have zoom lenses that I love and I use those also. It truly depends on who you like to shoot. If walking to compose your image is working for you then don't switch to a zoom. If you get more variety with a zoom and love that, then use that. 


Lie number 5: Never blow out your whites. This is one I spent way too much time trying to master. The blown out sky, who cares. The blown out white wedding dress... different  more serious issue. Again knowing the journey the photographer is on is crucial to helping them grow as artist. I personally don't always love blown out sky's and blown out skin in patches are not pretty to me but it really is personal thing.  In this image I have very little detail in the sky. NO ONE CARES! It's still a great image and I love it! 



I hope this is encouraging and I hope that you guys love post like this and find it helpful and if you ever have a question about any of these or other things don't hesitate to ask. If any of these helped you I would love to hear about it too. 










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